Osteopathy, the body and emotion


‘I loved this book! Packed with detailed case studies, When Feelings Hurt takes the reader on an illuminating journey through osteopathic principles and practice, covering the perceptual state of the practitioner, the inherent motion in cells and tissues, and the powerful effects that long-held emotional responses to events have on the human body. It’s a welcome addition to my bookshelf, and to be read more than once.’ 

Ranza Barr DO England

‘With this book, Christine Conroy puts into words a profound wisdom about the connections between emotions, character structures and the energetic body, and in doing so she deepens our understanding of our patients and their health.’ 

Heike Latzke DO Germany

‘A treasure. It is rare to find a book which goes beyond theory to explore how osteopaths actually treat their patients, what they are perceiving in the process, and how profound the results can be. By connecting psychology and the body, When Feelings Hurt builds the interdisciplinary bridges that will facilitate better collaboration between therapeutic fields’.  

Georg Schwering DO Switzerland

‘Fascinating and remarkable in its depth of knowledge and insight. As a retired GP I wish I could have read this during my training and I think it should be compulsory reading for all GP trainees and ‘mechanical‘ specialists like orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists and physiotherapists.’

 Dr Jean McLellan MB ChB. MRCGP Wales